AQ Pontos Sub

AQ Pontos Sub
AQ Pontos Sub
AQ Pontos Sub
AQ Pontos Sub

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Looking to add some bottom-end to your system? The Pontos Sub is your answer. The AQ Pontos Sub features the advanced 12” Peerless SLS subwoofer driver. Pontos Sub is a ported design in which subwoofer driver is specifically directed towards the floor where it actively promotes omnidirectional bass, is aesthetically pleasing and is protected against damage.

  • Unique Y port that combines two functions – a bass reflex and a cross bracing
  • Top plate of the subwoofer enclosure is a sandwich construction with active BDS resonance control
  • AQ designed its own 120 watt subwoofer amplifier that uses toroid transformer
  • Amplifier mounted in its own acoustically sealed chamber
  • Active crossover features lowpass frequency selector, input sensitivity and phase adjustment
  • (18mm) 3/4" MDF construction throughout
  • 8-layer lacquer increases rigidity of the enclosure
  • Adjustable spikes counteract uneven floors and bass energy transfer., plastic spike protector cups supplied
Finish: Piano Black, White High Gloss, and Custom finishes available upon request
Dimensions: (360 x 585 x 485 mm)  14.2w x 23h x 19.1d in.